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November 15, 2022
New Interactive Map

This webmap has been created to share the natural capital and ecosystem services mapping created as part of the OxCam Local Natural Capital Plan with as wide an audience as possible. Its purpose is to provide an overview of the OxCam Arc’s natural environment and to provide links to more detailed information where available.

Natural capital

You can use this map to view the land cover across the arc using the following seven categories: Farmland; Urban; Scrub, heath and bare rock; Semi natural grassland; Woodlands; Water and Wetlands; and Mixed / other / uncertain. The data that underpins this map splits the landcover into 20+ categories.

Ecosystem services

You can use this map to view the differing levels of ecosystem service provision within  the OxCam Arc (from high to low), highlighting opportunities for improvement. It covers 18 different ecosystem services.

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